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Coffee with Comrades

Apr 7, 2020

This week, Eamon of the Radical People podcast joins us for the first half of a two-part series on COVID-19. We spend the first part of the discussion setting up the current state of affairs: where we’re at presently, what the bourgeois response has been, and how ecofascists and reactionaries are using this crisis to foment nativist strains of racism. 

But, it’s not all bleak. Eamon offers a lot of insight into the crisis of late-stage capitalism from an ecological perspective and provides an invaluable lens we can use to assess the catastrophe of COVID-19 and move forward to a more liberatory future. Be sure to check back next week for part-two of our conversation. 

We encourage you to get involved in Mutual Aid organizing in your neck-of-the-woods. Check out this round-up of mutual aid organizations all across the so-called United States. 


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  • Intro: “I Ain’t Got No Home in this World” by Woody Guthrie 
  • Interlude: “Unfuck the World” by Prophets of Rage 
  • Outro: “Firestorm” by Earth Crisis