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Coffee with Comrades

Feb 11, 2020

This week, we sit down with Michael Yost to share an update on the current activities of FSU’s Graduate Assistants United. Plus, we chat about the feckless fiasco of the Iowa Caucuses. In many ways, today’s episode is a sequel of sorts to Ep. 67: “A Future Worth Fighting For,” where I sat down with my friends Leah and Candi to talk about the January 13 Teachers’ Strike. 

Today’s episode has three parts. 

  • Pt. I features a report-back recorded shortly after the January 13 Teachers’ Strike with Brett from Dumb & Awful. (4:36)
  • In Pt. II, FSU-GAU treasurer, Michael Yost, and I discuss the ongoing struggles our union has taken part in over the past month and recent FL legislation that’s targeted at alleviating graduate student fees. (30:23)
  • In Pt. III, Michael and I chat about the debacle last week in Iowa. (1:09:13)

This episode has a little somethin' for everyone! 


- Intro: "I Ain't Got No Home in this World" by Woody Guthrie

- Interlude 1: "Burn" by Counterparts

- Interlude 2: "Vignette: Panacea" by Disasterpeace

- Outro: "Overthrow" by Veil of Maya