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Coffee with Comrades

Jul 30, 2019

In this edition of Coffee with Comrades, Pearson and Mel are joined by John of the Chicago South-Side DSA, Chicago IWW, UC Labor Council, National Nurses United, and Tenants United, Hyde Park to chat about the upcoming 2019 DSA National Convention. But, first, some current events:  

Jul 16, 2019

Today, we share the second half of out two-part special with comrades from the IAF-FAI, Bad Salish Girl and The Green City. This time, we chat about the unique challenges and advantages of organizing in the countryside. 

Make sure to check out Pt. I if you haven't done so already! 

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Jul 2, 2019

In this edition of Coffee with Comrades, we sit down with our friends in the Indigenous Anarchist Federation to discuss indigeneity and decolonization. But, first, some current events: